16 DIY Hanging Planters

Hanging Planter

Hanging planters allow you to plant more in a small space. And you don’t have to buy one – make one of these DIY hanging planters!

Hanging planters allow you to plant more in a small space. And you don't have to buy one - make one of these DIY hanging planters!

Houseplants are so important to maintaining good air quality in your home, but who on earth has all of that shelf space?

Here come hanging planters to the rescue! Unlike container gardens, these DIY hanging planters will convert a regular potted plant, just sitting there and taking up shelf space, into a hanging plant that will perch nicely up out of the way and still freshen the air and brighten your living space.

16 DIY Hanging Planters

1. birdcage planterHere’s a planter that’s good for even your bulkiest potted plant.

2. chandelier planterIf you attached it to a pulley, it wouldn’t be hard to take it down and water it.

3. crocheted hanging planterIf you crochet, then a tute like this will be much easier than macrame.

4. fabric scrap plant hangerYou don’t even have to buy the cords to make this plant hanger!

5. gutter plantersUpcycle the scraps from your build project. You can even paint these gutters!

6. hanging fruit basketThrift one, or buy a vintage one at an antiques shop.

7. hanging herb planterThis one’s not as showy as some of the other planters, but man, it would be hella useful to have in your kitchen!

8. hanging wood slice plant standInstead of hanging the pot itself, hang a lovely shelf that the pot can sit on.

9. leather box planterYou barely have to know how to sew to make this planter. Seriously, a toddler could lace this up!

10. leather plant hangerIf you craft with leather, then here’s an interesting design that can be less time-consuming than constructing a hanger using macrame.

11. macrame. Yes, this IS your mother’s macrame!

12. Mason jar hanging planterYou could modify this tute to do with any jar or bottle.

13. mini macrameEven your tiny potted plants deserve to hang in the sun.

14. T-shirt macrame. No, this is NOT your mother’s macrame!

15. vertical hanging shelvesIf you’ve got an entire sunny corner to spare, you can really pack the greenery into these DIY plant shelves.

16. wood pallet hanging planterUpcycle a gross old wood pallet into your beautiful new planter!

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