10 DIY Mother’s Day Ideas

10 DIY Mother's Day Ideas

9. Make or Buy Her Handmade Jewelry

It’s so tempting to buy jewelry from big box stores, but consider making our own. Upcycle an old watch into a unique bracelet or make one of these DIY jewelry projects from recycled materials. You could also buy your mom handmade jewelry that supports local artists or supports a great cause! Etsy is a terrific resource to find that perfect piece of jewelry for your mom– something that will match her style and can be personalized just for her!

10. Mother’s Day Cardboard Sign by 4 Crazy Kings

If you’re having a family get-together for Mother’s Day or just want to make a special sign for your mom, you can create a cardboard sign with this tutorial from 4 Crazy Kings. All you need are cereal boxes, scissors, and a glue gun. It’s so simple, but sophisticated at the same time!

What items will you be making for your mom this year? Share your projects with me in the comment section below or in our Green Crafts Showcase!

[Image Credit: Jewelry via Shutterstock]

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