Buy Handmade: Jewelry Ideas for Mother’s Day!

Buy Handmade: Recycled Jewelry for Mother's Day

Mother’s day is only a few weeks away on May 13– are you ready for it? To give you plenty of time to plan, I wanted to introduce you to five incredible Etsy shops that you can buy jewelry from for Mother’s Day. Not only are they unique and creative shops, but they use recycled materials when making their products! Oh, and did I mention that all of the items I’m sharing today are under $40? Instead of buying from a big box store this Mother’s Day, consider buying handmade from shops like these:

1. Recycled Shabby Chic Earrings by Wearwolf

Can you believe these adorable earrings are made from a recycled aluminum beer bottle? Vicki from Wearwolf calls herself a “rabid recycler/artist/hoarder” and I can totally see why– if I knew how to make these amazing earrings, I would want to keep and reuse every aluminum can in sight!Β  If your mom likes a shabby chic style, these would be perfect for her! For even more amazing items made from recycled materials, like their vintage tin can earrings, check out their entire shop.

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[Photo via Wearwolf, used with permission]

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