Discover Eco-Eye Candy at Recyclart

big tire bike
If you are looking for green inspiration and radical recycled art then Recyclart is for you. If you’re bored and want to check out some cool recycled stuff, you’ll love this site and you’ll quickly become addicted while scrolling through all of its awesomeness. Recycled art, green craftiness, and eco-inspired ideas from all around the world are posted at Recyclart, like this big tire bike.

Part of their mission states:

The goal of is to bring you good products that are made from re-cycling, re-using, up-cycling, etc. We will not bother you with a lot of text or details, we prefer to give you inspiration through pictures and the link where you can find more informations. The goal is to be a kind of portfolio based on ideas in which you can brainstorm your creativity.

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