Crafty Reuse: Ink Cartridge Art


UK ink cartridge company Ink and Media was tired of watching used cartridges heading to the landfill. They wanted to show that empty cartridges are useful after the ink is gone, so they invited artist Faith Pearson to come up with some ink cartridge art.

She blew them away.

Pearson created amazing scenes using discarded cartridges. I’m a total Star Trek nerd, so of course my favorite is the Starship Enterprise:

ink cartridge enterprise

I love how she played off of the cartridges’ shapes and colors in her sci-fi themed art assemblages. Midlands based artist Faith Pearson, the woman behind these designs, said:

When the cartridges turned up I started to imagine the possibilities and with a little inspiration from my sons I set to work. I’m hoping people will find the final pieces fun, exciting and kind of amusing too.


If turning those empties into art isn’t your thing, you can also find kits to refill used ink cartridges. I’ve been on the lookout for refill kits that use vegetable based inks and have so far come up short. Have you found something like that?

Of course, the most eco-friendly option is to print as little as possible.

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