How to Jazz up Jar Lids: Upcycle Old Food Jars into New-Looking Storage Jars

jar lids images via Shutterstock
jar lids images via Shutterstock

Upcycling old jam jars, spaghetti sauce jars, pickle jars, etc. into storage jars to use around your house is a boon to the environment (and a cheap way to glean some extra storage!), but wouldn’t you maybe rather have something that didn’t *look* exactly like an old jam jar, spaghetti sauce jar, or pickle jar?

The paper labels are easy to clean off of jars, fortunately, and then all you’re left with is figuring out how to disguise those often branded, never matching jar lids.

Whether you’re fond of fabric or paper, paint or found objects, matching or distinctive, the following list should give you all the ideas that you need to make your jar lids fresh, new, and not at all spaghetti sauce-related.

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Written by Julie Finn

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  1. Great timing with this! I have been on a jar buying binge lately. I have some of my prettier craft items on display and I was wondering how I wanted to unify the covers. Off to check out my options!

  2. I am psyched to see this as I’m busy trying to organize my craft space and I think a few jars could work for some of my items… such as magnets, sign hangers, small glass cabachons for necklaces and magnets etc. Thanks… check out some crafting spaces (at least one of them) on my blog that uses jars from yesterday’s post:… although they could have learned a thing of two from your blog post as well!

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