Crafty Book Review: Mason Jar Crafts, by Lauren Elise Donaldson

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See that super-cute jar lid photo frame in the first photo?

Yep, I made that!

trimming a photo to fit in the Mason jar lid photo frame
trimming a photo to fit in the Mason jar lid photo frame

Not only is the jar lid photo frame quick and easy to make, and not only did it turn out really great, but it’s also a brilliant concept. I do a lot of canning, and Mason jar lids are kind of my enemy, since you can’t re-use them for canning. You can re-use them for regular storage, but you’ve got to buy new lids for canning, which then can’t be re-used either, so… yeah. Lot of lids in my house.

However, what do I NOT have too many of in my house?

Photo frames!

Other jar lid crafts in Mason Jar Crafts include mini ribbon chandeliers and cross-stitch Nordic ornaments; crafts that use the entire Mason jar, lid and all, include rainbow twine caddies, and piggy banks.

Another clever concept in the book is separating a chapter out specifically for wedding crafts. Mason jars are versatile enough to be decorated in a wide variety of ways for wedding favors and signage, although many of the projects in other chapters–I think especially the holiday candelabra, the Mason jar cake stand, and the framed family silhouettes–would also work well as wedding decor.

As for me, sure, I may not need a ring bearer pillow in a jar or any treat jar escort cards, etc., but I sure do like my new wall of photos in jar lid photo frames.

My now-empty Random Jar Lid Storage Drawer really likes them, too!

I received a free copy of Mason Jar Crafts, because I can’t write about a book until I’ve followed its instructions to wrap embroidery floss around something, glue photos to it, and stick it on my wall!

Written by Julie Finn

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    • I’m currently making a LOT more of those, for a Mason jar lid photo wall! Syd’s said that she wanted to make one, too–she’s at day camp all this week, but I’ll set it out for her next week to try. I’m curious to see if she’s got the fine motor skills for wrapping with embroidery floss, or if we’ll end up going yarn shopping, instead.

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