Crafting a Green World Authors to Speak at Summit of Awesome

Please forgive me for this shameless plug for a project that I am involved in called the Summit of Awesome. I had to share because well, it is awesome and more importantly there are some really great green crafting workshops and learning sessions that will be held during the Summit.

First up – our own Becky Striepe will be speaking on a panel called Crafting a Green Craft. She will share the stage with the co-founders of Cosa Verde and the owners of Urban Fauna Studio. These amazing crafters will be talking about the ins and outs of green crafting – something that you see right here on Crafting a Green World.

I’m sure you’ll recognize this next name if you’ve been a long time reader of this space. Former lead writer Autumn Wiggins will be sharing her thoughts on consumption and sustainability with Sara Cotner of $2000 Wedding in Consumption and Sustainability. How DIY will save the world. I’m particularly excited for this session to get a discussion going on the role of handmade and the environment.

The Summit of Awesome will take place the first weekend in May in Washington, D.C. The Summit of Awesome is 3-days filled with business seminars for artists and crafters, hands-on workshops, the D.C. premiere of the Indie Craft Documentary, Handmade Nation, and a Saturday night party called the Show of Awesome.

The Summit of Awesome is a one way ticket to propel you and your craft to the next level. It is a great mix of learning and crafting from discussions to hands on, with a little something for everyone. For a complete details on the Summit, check out the schedule and the speaker line up.

2 thoughts on “Crafting a Green World Authors to Speak at Summit of Awesome”

  1. Hi,
    I would love to go to Summit of Awesome to meet all the green and crafty people there. I live in Maryland so I’m happy to see eco-consciousness is catching on on this coast too. However, I didn’t see it in time.
    Have a great time!
    P.S. My website is all about my green crafting.

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