Cosa Verde: A Venue for Eco Friendly Crafters

Cosa Verde is a new marketplace where green crafters can showcase their goods to eco-minded shoppers.

Liz Grotyohann and her fiance, Jeff Fein-Worton, launched Cosa Verde to focus on green crafters, and they’re committed to “not just walk the walk, but talk the talk.” They donate 10% of their profits to charity and plant ten trees for every new shop that opens on the site. Liz says that means they’ve planted almost 1000 trees already!

Liz says she and Jeff think that small changes add up to a big difference:

We created cosa verde to help those small changes along. We wanted to make it easy to find great green goods for your neo-hippie niece, your grandpa who doesn’t believe in global-warming, and everyone in-between. So that maybe, when we remember to value the products we buy for how they’re manufactured, as well as for their style or uniqueness, some bigger changes will happen in the way that we think about consuming.

The site is juried, which means you apply for a store, and they take a peek at your wares to see that they’re a fit for the site. I know some folks aren’t fans of juried venues, but for something so specialized it makes perfect sense to me. Rather than having to flag shops who violate the rules, why not just make sure everyone’s playing by the rules from the get go?

You can check out the awesome goods already up, or apply for a shop of your own at Want to see what Liz is up to? Take a peek at her upcycled paper housewares!

Image Credits:
Handknitted Farmyard by Mama 4 Earth
Tea Cup Cozy by KnitStorm

Exciting Update!

Cosa Verde is now offering a promo code for Crafting a Green World readers! Just enter the code “CAGW” when you register on the site, and get credit for a standard shop for 2 months.

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