10 Craft Ideas for Recycled Felt

felt brooch

Recycled Felt Craft Projects

1. Pinwheel Brooch – Make a whimsical pinwheel pin from your recycled felt stash.

2. Upcycled Kindle Case – Felt is the perfect lining to gadget cases to prevent scratching.

3. Necktie Applique – Use felt to add a unique twist to a vintage necktie.

4. Travel Tic-Tac-Toe Game – Keep the kiddos amused on that next holiday road trip.

5. Peacock Fascinator – Layer up the felt to create a super cute hair accessory.

felt journal cozy

6. Journal Cozy – Add a handmade journal and a nice pen for a cute holiday gift.

7. Faux Headboard – Felt is perfect for cutting out lettering to create a focal point for the bedroom.

8. Superhero Badges – What little kid doesn’t love playing superhero?

9. Felt Board Playset – Another felt craft to keep the kids amused on the go!

10. Party Streamers – Instead of paper streamers, use recycled felt to decorate your next shindig.

What have you guys been making from recycled felt these days? Let’s share more project ideas in the comments!

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  1. We love our eco felt too! It has been made into clothing and beds for toys, and currently is being used for our clothesline pocket advent calendar and the horse head for the stick horse (made with found stick) that is the first advent calendar day prize

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