How To: Make an Upcycled Faux Headboard

faux headboard

Headboards make such a lovely focal point for the bedroom, but they’re often pretty pricey. Even mass-produced headboards from the big box store can get expensive, and those don’t have the best environmental footprint, either. Luckily, with some fabric from your scrap bin, some recycled felt, and our handy templates, you can whip up your very own upcycled faux headboard!

What You Need:

  • 11 scraps of fabric that are 8″ square or larger
  • Our Sweet Dreams template and pennant template
  • Paper scissors and fabric pinking shears
  • Two 9×12″ pieces of recycled felt
  • Sewing machine, thread, and straight pins
  • Two pieces of ribbon that are 51″ long
  • Hammer and nails

How to Make Your Faux Headboard:

1. Print out our templates and cut out the letters and your pennant shape. Bonus points if you print your templates onto junk mail instead of new paper!

2. Use the letter templates to cut out the text. You’ll cut out one of each letter except for the E. You’ll need three E’s.

3. Use your pennant template to cut 11 triangles out of your scrap fabric.

4. Pin each letter onto one of your triangles, and use your sewing machine’s straight stitch to sew the letters onto the triangles.

5. Now, grab your ribbon, find the midpoint of each piece. You’ll arrange the word SWEET onto one ribbon, with the pennants overlapping by around 1/4″, and arrange the word DREAMS onto the other ribbon, with the pennants overlapping by around 1/4″.

faux headboard pinned

6. Use your sewing machine’s straight stitch to sew along the center of the ribbon, attaching the pennants to your ribbon.

7. You’re ready to hang! Head to the bedroom with your bunting, hammer, and nails. Start with your “SWEET” bunting on the left of your headboard area, and nail the ribbon tail into place. Wrap the ribbon around the nail a couple of times to hide it, like so:

faux headboard hanging

8. Hang the other end of your “SWEET” bunting, making sure to let it drape a bit, then do the same with the “DREAMS” bunting, starting on the far right of your headboard area, and ending underneath the word “SWEET.”

Sweet dreams!

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