Craft Books for Kids: The CAGW Guide

These are some of our favorite craft books for kids!

Craft books make great holiday gifts for kids. A book is a gift your kiddos can open again and again for crafty inspiration. These are some of our favorite craft books for kids!

These are some of our favorite craft books for kids!

Inspire your kid to craft recycled with a craft book or two this year! These craft books for kids have projects that your kids will love and that will encourage them to upcycle in their crafty endeavors.

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Craft books for Kids

Crafting with Cardboard Boxes

You know you’re getting lots of boxes in the mail this time of year, so why not give your kids a book packed with ideas for how to reuse them? If you’ve got regular-sized boxes, 51 Things to Do with Cardboard Boxes is the perfect gift (read our review here). Got some gigantic boxes on hand? Check out Julie’s review or grab a copy of DIY Box Creations for Really Big Boxes!

Beginner Embroidery for Kids


Fun with Stitchables and Beginning Embroidery is a kid’s embroidery book that teaches them embroidery techniques and allows them plenty of practice with the cardboard lacing cards. You can read our review right here and see some embroidery projects from the book in action.

Egg Carton Crafts

This book is packed with projects that range from chickens to hedgehogs to hippos, puppets and masks, monsters and robots, garlands and wreaths, and a pirate ship, an airplane, and a tractor. Never throw away an egg carton again! Read the review or grab a copy.

Personalize Everything!

This Belongs to Me shows kids different techniques for personalizing their stuff, from headphones to hoodies to bedspreads. If you want to see a project from the book, check out the Graffiti Jeans that Julie made with her girls.

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