Christmas Card Crafts: Make Covered Clothespins!

This is one of the simplest Christmas card crafts ever, and the result is cute and functional.

Christmas Card Crafts: Covered Clothespins

This is one of the simplest Christmas card crafts ever, and the result is cute and functional.

Are there some holiday cards on your mantle that you can’t bear to part with? Turn them into a decorative keepsake by using them to make covered clothespins!

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I always have a tough time parting with holiday cards, so every January I try to come up with Christmas card crafts to preserve at least part of my favorite ones. Really, I need to find even more Christmas card crafts for my stash, because in addition to the cards on my mantle, I have tons of cards from previous years in a box in my craft room.

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Do you have any favorite Christmas card crafts? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Christmas Card Crafts: Covered Clothespins

This project is super simple, and you can crank out a bunch of clothespins in a short time. Because you’re better off pressing your pins all together, I suggest doing all of your tracing and cutting before you start with the glue. You want to get your glued clothespins pressing as soon as possible, so the glue will seal.


  • clothespins
  • old Christmas cards
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • some heavy books


Christmas Card Crafts: Covered Clothespins

1. Place your Christmas card wrong side up on your table, and use your pencil to trace an outline of the flat side of your clothespin. Repeat on the other side of the clothespin, and cut out your two shapes.

Christmas Card Crafts: Covered Clothespins

2. Apply a thin layer of glue to your clothespin with your glue stick, being careful not to get any in the well where the metal piece is nested. Press the paper firmly, then flip your clothespin over and apply the paper to the other side.

3. Lay your covered clothespins out on a hard surface and stack a couple of heavy books on top. Let them dry this way for a couple of hours before using, so the glue gets a good seal.

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  1. That’s a cool idea and very easy to make. Though I don’t know yet if I can cut through Chritmas cards ^^ BUT…. You have a Tardis Christmas card?? o.O <3

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