Recycling Christmas Cards: Framed Art

Recycling Christmas Cards: Framed ArtWhile visiting family this week, I noticed my mom received a stack of Christmas cards from family and friends. She had a genius idea that I just had to share! Several of the cards had beautiful graphics that weren’t too “Christmasy” and were worth saving, so she decided to frame them!

What You Will Need:

1. Old Christmas cards

Recycling Christmas Cards: Framed Art

2. Scissors

3. Picture frames

How To Do It:

1. Cut out the part of your card that you would like to frame.

2. Put the card inside your frame

Recycling Christmas Cards: Framed ArtWasn’t that incredible easy? What cards in your collection could you save for art? This is such a simple and adorable idea! For more Christmas card ideas, check out our Happy New Year Banner from Old Christmas Cards and Seven Ways to Upcycle Greeting Cards posts!

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