Craft Book Review: Even More Toilet Paper Tube Crafts!

Whether you hoard toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes, you know you need some cardboard tube crafts!

Whether you hoard toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes, you know you need some cardboard tube crafts!

Y’all know we LOVE our toilet paper tube crafts here at CAGW!

We love them for better or for worse–even comments by some VERY unhappy commenters in our big toilet paper tube crafts round-up can’t dissuade us from sharing more cardboard tube crafts made from those delightfully free cardboard treasures!

And unless you use both dishcloths AND cloth toilet wipes, you know you’ve got a steady supply of this craft material. Why not make something from it?

In Fiona Hayes’ book, 51 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes, you’ve got plenty more options for cute, kid-friendly toilet paper tube crafts.

Some of the crafts are cute for any rainy day. Kids who love animals will enjoy the toilet paper tube lion, bunny, caterpillar, and other animal tutorials (my own kids’ favorite? The SHARK!). Kids who enjoy pretend play with knights and dragons will like the cool castle and the pirate pins. Kids who are super into vehicles will want to play with the tractor and the train and the racing cars.

My kids are a little older, and don’t play much with toys like these anymore, though, so our favorite cardboard tube crafts in the book are the holiday and party decorations, which we DO still like to make! The cake and candles, pom pom, and two types of flowers make for cute (and inexpensive!) party decorations, while other projects, like the Chinese lantern, reindeer finger puppet, snowman, and Santa would make fun holiday crafts for your own kids or even for a group.

Since toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes come into households with products that families commonly buy, it’s an easy thing to ask families to collect them and bring them into your school or club meeting to use as a craft supply.

Other supplies that you’ll want on hand to complete these projects include paint, felt, string, ribbon, extra cardboard, and, of course, the one supply that you practically cannot make kids’ crafts without:

Googly eyes!

I received a free copy of 51 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes, because I can’t write about a book unless it’s the reason that I have to go buy yet more googly eyes.

Photo Credit: 51 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes image via Quarto

Written by Julie Finn

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