Brand Positioning for Your Green Crafty Business

Brand Positioning for Your Green Crafty Business

Brand Positioning for Your Green Crafty Business

You might think that running a crafty business is all about hunkering down in the craft room, but even indie brands need a strategy.

As the former owner of a crafty business, I can tell you: there is so much more to selling handmade aprons than sewing kickass handmade aprons. Even when they’re made from vintage linens and have pockets shaped like cupcakes, your handmade product isn’t going to sell itself. Brand positioning might sound scary and corporate, but it doesn’t have to be.

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Our sister site – Ecopreneurist – shared the video below on how green companies can use brand positioning strategically. Whether you sell solar panels or upcycled aprons, I think that you can get something out of this video:

Looking at your product from your customer’s point of view was probably the hardest thing for me as a crafter. You pour your heart into what you make, and then you have to look at it with a hypercritical eye. What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to marketing your crafty goods and positioning your brand in the indie marketplace?

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