April Stash Bust: Five Projects to Bust That Fabric Stash

lavender sachet

4. Lavender Sachet

A sachet stuffed with organic, dried lavender is a great way to make your dresser drawers smell nice. If you use a durable fabric, you can even toss one in the dryer to scent your clothes without a chemical-laden dryer sheet. Just grab two 6″ square scraps and stitch them together, right side in, leaving a 1/2″ opening to flip it right side out. Flip your sachet and stuff with dried lavender, close up the open part using a ladder stitch, and you’re ready to rock!

If you want a little loop of ribbon, like the one in the photo, just pin the loop between your right-side-in fabric sandwich before you sew. Make sure the loop is facing inside the sachet, so it will stick out when you flip it.

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[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Burstyriffic]

1 thought on “April Stash Bust: Five Projects to Bust That Fabric Stash”

  1. Love ALL of this! I made bunting for my son’s birthday in feb and it was a total hit. I haven’t used balloons in who knows when but wanted to make the place look festive, so I finally took all my scraps from my OWN stash busting project
    which kind of ended up creating more scraps in the end because I kept finding vintage pillowcases at thrift shops that simply needed to be a part of the quilt. I love the bunting though and it is about to be put outside for Easter. I will be making more too, it is just such a happy thing to have up around your house!

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