April Stash Bust: Five Projects to Bust That Fabric Stash

patchwork scarf

3. Patchwork Scarf

Just in time for the blustery spring weather! It’s super simple to whip up a patchwork scarf! All you need are fabric squares that are the same width (length can vary however you like) and something warm, like a felted sweater or recycled fleece, to back it with. Quilt your fabric squares all in a row, iron, then baste the row of scraps you just sewed wrong-side-together with the warm fabric. Make sure to leave around 1″ unbasted, so that you can flip your scarf right side out. Once it’s flipped, just press and top stitch, and you’re ready to bundle up!

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[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by polkadotcreations]

1 thought on “April Stash Bust: Five Projects to Bust That Fabric Stash”

  1. Love ALL of this! I made bunting for my son’s birthday in feb and it was a total hit. I haven’t used balloons in who knows when but wanted to make the place look festive, so I finally took all my scraps from my OWN stash busting project
    which kind of ended up creating more scraps in the end because I kept finding vintage pillowcases at thrift shops that simply needed to be a part of the quilt. I love the bunting though and it is about to be put outside for Easter. I will be making more too, it is just such a happy thing to have up around your house!

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