A Review of The Wrapping Scarf Revolution by Patricia Lee

From the creator of the BOBO wrapping scarf comes the new book The Wrapping Scarf Revolution (Leisure Arts #4833).

If you have ever checked out BOBO wraps but were too intimidated to buy one because of the complex wrapping then this book is for you- filled with step by step detailed instructions to help you wrap these beautiful scarves.

BOBO wrapping scarves are based on the ancient Korean tradition of wrapping items with bojagi.

Patricia Lee grew up with the tradition of wrapping everything in bojagi but discovered how beautiful and sophisticated wrapping items with bojagi could be when she visited her aunt in Seoul during  the early 90s.

“She fell in love with the beauty, simplicity and functionality of the wrapping scarf.” However she couldn’t find scarves in the US that worked with the bojagi wrapping techniques. She couldn’t sew much so her inspiration was banished to the back of her mind.

Almost 20 years later staring at the pile of waste created on Christmas morning the wrapping scarves came back to her. Patricia had a prototype made of her “bobos” and soon the BOBO Wrapping Scarf Company was born.

I found Bobo Wraps while searching for green Christmas wrapping alternatives last year but the complexity of the wrapping kept me shying away from purchasing a set, even though they come in such beautiful fabrics.

Now with The Wrapping Scarf Revolution (Leisure Arts #4833) book in my hands I am more confident about being able to wrap these beautiful scarves. I love the beautiful handbag wraps- just add bamboo handles. There’s also a backpack wrap, even a wine bottle wrap. These wraps are such an elegant way to create sophisticated present covers. I see a sparkling Christmas tree surrounded by elegant presents sometime in the future.

The Wrapping Scarf Revolution (Leisure Arts #4833) offers ideas for wrapping just about anything even creating pretty home decor with BOBO wraps.

I’ve never been good at wrapping presents. The paper just never does what I want it to do. I am hoping fabric will be much more forgiving and perhaps workable that paper, and it is so much more eco-friendly because who would throw one of these beautiful scarves away?

Certainly not any sane person. These wraps are meant to be used again and again. I can’t wait to try wrapping a present up in a beautiful BOBO wrapping scarf.

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  3. Looks like the Japanese furoshiki. Will be interesting to get a look at the book! Fun to know that more than one Asian culture uses the idea. 😉

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