5 Ways to Upcycle Cookie Tins

Upcycle Cookie Tins

5. Cookie Tin Easter Basket by Martha Stewart

I know that right now it’s hard to see past December 25th, but Martha Stewart‘s tutorial on how to make an old cookie tin into an Easter basket is too cute not to mention! Using materials like ribbon and paper, she makes an Easter basket that’s perfect for your little ones or to give an Easter gift in. I love this idea because you can personalize it with your child’s favorite color, their interests, or even write their name on it.

Now when I get cookies or candy in a cookie tin I will have a huge smile on my face– not only because I get to eat all of the goodies inside, but I get to try all of these fabulous projects. Keep those cookie tins from the trash and transform them into something gorgeous and functional!

More Recycled Christmas Craft Projects:

[Image Credit: Easter Eggs photo via Shutterstock]

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  2. I Have many tops of cookie containers, as I used the containers for Chritmas arrangements for a program at our Garden Club, but would be interested if you had any craft ideas to make use of the lids. Thank you, Joan Hartzel

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