5 Simple Sewing Projects to Replace Disposables

DIY Reusables

Tired of wasting paper and plastic? Check out these easy sewing projects to help you replace disposables in your life with reusable alternatives!

Of course as an ethical crafter you want to choose eco-friendly materials, but another side of green crafting is using your skills to replace disposable materials with reusable ones. With some beginner sewing skills, you can create reusable versions of all kind of paper and plastic products in your life.

Every time you stitch up a reusable alternative to something disposable, you’re making a huge impact. Think about all of that waste that you’re diverting from the landfill! And the best part? You most likely have all the supplies you need for these projects in your sewing stash. That means you’re getting an environmental double whammy. Boom! Pow!

Check out these simple sewing projects to help you ditch some of the disposables in your life!

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