5 Projects To Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs!

Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs

Now that Easter is over and your children have eaten all of the candy in sight, what do you do with all of those plastic Easter eggs? Of course, one option is to store them in a safe place until next year (that way you don’t have to continue to buy the eggs). If you want to get crafty, though, try out these awesome recycled Easter egg projects:

1. Plastic Easter Egg Tea Cups by Creativity in Progress

I personally think this is the most creative idea I’ve seen in a long time– tea cups from plastic Easter eggs! All you have to do is hot glue a button to the bottom of the plastic egg and then decorate! She also has a tutorial on how to make a cupcake from an empty Play-Doh container and a plastic Easter egg! Click on over to her site– you have to see these genius creations!

[Photo via Creativity in Progress, used with permission]

Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs

2. 10 Fun Learning Games Using Plastic Eggs by Playing House in Maryland

Stephanie at Playing House in Maryland not only provides us with 1 amazing idea, but 10 amazing ideas for fun learning games using plastic eggs! These ideas include hide-n-seek puzzles, egg counting, and capital and lowercase matching (shown in the picture above) — just to name a few! Head on over to her site to see all of the other games she shared! I love them because they look really fun, but they are educational as well.

Next>> Plastic Snake Kid’s Toy by Sewing and Crafting with Sarah

Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs

3. Plastic Snake Kid’s Toy by Sewing and Crafting with Sarah

Sarah at Sewing and Crafting with Sarah shares how to make an adorable plastic snake using all of your left over Easter eggs and plastic lacing cord. Perhaps you could even use hemp twine instead of the plastic lacing cord. I love how the snake can actually “slither” like a real snake! I know that lots of little boys (and girls) would adore this snake project!

[Photo Credit: Colorful Easter Eggs via Shutterstock]

Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs

4. After the Hunt: Fun Ideas for Plastic Eggs by No Time for Flash Cards

Allie at No Time for Flash Cards provides several creative ideas for plastic Easter eggs like a bouquet of flowers, a spring sensory tub, and a color match-up. I especially liked the cute egg bugs that she made (pictured above)! Check out her site for even more fun ideas!

[Photo via No Time for Flash Cards, used with permission]

Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs

5. Homemade Toy Fireflies by Matsutake

Katie at Matsutake created these incredible toy fireflies using a flameless LED tealight and plastic Easter eggs! You just decorate the outside of the eggs and then pop a tealight inside– so simple! I can imagine these on a front/back porch or even on a camping trip with your kiddos! They are just so fun and cute!

These are the times when I wish I had kids so I had an excuse to make all of these totally adorable projects! Which one will you make with your kids?

Looking for more kid-friendly craft projects? Check these out:

[Photo viaΒ Matsutake, used with permission]

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