Five Crafty Recipes and Easy Tutorials for Summer Fun with Your Kids

homemade sidewalk chalkI try to keep all non-essential expenditures to the bare minimum, as a rule, but sometimes it can seem like summer, especially, is designed to just throw a parent’s money away.

Sidewalk chalk, bubble solution, fingerpaint…where does it end?

Fortunately, pretty much all of those recipes that we rely on to keep summer fun and creative for our little ones can be made cheaply and easily and on-demand at home, often with simple household supplies. You’ll know exactly what’s in them, you don’t have to run out to the store to buy them, and you’re not wasting any money on plastic packaging that you’ll then have to go to the effort of recycling yourself.

Check out these five recipes to see the summer supplies that you can make:

homemade sidewalk chalkWe live just a few houses down from a wonderful park with a giant basketpall court that we walk to every day. Yeah, we go through a LOT of sidewalk chalk. With my homemade sidewalk chalk tutorial and some plaster of Paris from the store, you, too, can make a bounty of sidewalk chalk in a multitude of shapes and all your favorite colors.

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