40 Craft Room Ideas for the New Year

Is organizing your life on the list for this year? We've got an epic list of craft room ideas to keep your supplies in order all year long!

Is organizing your life on the list for this year? We’ve got an epic list of craft room ideas to keep your supplies in order all year long!

Happy new year! Getting organized is a pretty popular new year’s resolution, but the actual act of organizing can be a little bit daunting, can’t it? I’m a big believer in little steps, especially when it comes to organizing. Don’t try to fix up your whole house at once. Start with one drawer or one room. These craft room ideas can help you get your craft supplies in tip top shape!

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1. Dry Erase Board – Keep your to do lists visual!

2. Marker Storage – Turn an old CD rack and jewel cases into a storage solution.

3. Art Supply Containers – Old Pringles cans make lovely storage for things like pens, pencils, and paint brushes.

4. Hang Your Fabric – Use reclaimed pants hangers to keep fabric accessible and avoid wrinkles.

5. Ribbon Storage – Refresh an old DVD rack into beautiful ribbon storage.

6. Thread Holder – This tutorial used a new piece of wood, but you could do this easily with reclaimed wood, too.

7. Peg Board Organizer – Paint an old piece of pegboard and you have almost-instant, modular storage.

8. Pen and Pencil Storage – Painted glass jars keep those important tools handy and looking lovely.

9. Picture Frame Ribbon Holder – If you have a small space or a small amount of ribbon, this organizer is the ticket!

10. Desk Drawer – Bonnie created this to hold jewelry, but it would work well for tiny sewing notions, too!

11. Shoe Rack – Got an old hanging shoe rack? Use it to store all kind of craft supplies on the back of a door or on the wall.

12. Upcycled Paper Box – Turn last year’s calendar into little storage boxes for your small craft supplies.

13. Cupcake Holder – A vintage cupcake stand plus small jelly jars makes perfect storage for small supplies like paper clips, safety pins, and buttons.

14. Cardboard Boxes Go Cute – Fabric-covered cardboard boxes make lovely hidden storage.

15. Magnetic Storage Board – This project uses new storage tins, but you could also save Altoids tins to create sweet magnetic storage. Just label the tins with what’s inside.

16. File Your Fabric – A vintage filing cabinetΒ  keeps your fabric stash in order.

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17. Suitcase Craft Tote – Do you have a vintage suitcase hoarding problem? Turn one of those bad boys into a to-go craft box.

18. Twine Holder – Is your baker’s twine constantly unraveling? Use a vintage sugar dispenser to keep it in check.

19. Ice Cube Trays – There are lots of storage ideas here, but what struck me was using ice cube trays as a drawer organizer. Genius!

20. Vertical Tin Cans – Tin cans plus zip ties equals vertical storage on a pretty pegboard.

21. Magnet Board – Store pens and pencils vertically using old Crystal Light cans.

22. Jar Pin Cushions – Keep your most important sewing notions together with a pin cushion that doubles as storage.

23. Magnetic Bobbin Storage – Stay put, metal bobbins! Stick adhesive magnets to any reclaimed material, and you have instant bobbin wrangling.

24. Spice Rack Bead Organizer – Hunt down a vintage spice rack – it’s perfect for keeping your beads and jewelry findings in order.

25. Upside-Down Paint Storage – Use magnets to store paint and glue bottles upside-down, and there’s no need to shake the goods into the squeezy top. If you use hot glue, you should be able to pop the magnets off of spent bottles to reuse them on the next one.

26. Hanging Yarn Storage – Old coffee tins make a perfect storage solution for your yarn.

27. Ribbon Dispenser – Save an old two-liter bottle to make a handy ribbon dispenser.

28. Chalkboard Dresser – Everything has a place in a vintage dresser painted with chalkboard paint.

29. Denim Studio Box – Turn a worn out pair of jeans into craft room organization.

30. Vintage Apron Storage – This idea may not hold a ton of craft supplies, but it’s vertical storage that is super duper adorable.

31. Tin Can Organizer – A lazy Susan turns a regular tin can organizer into 360 degree storage.

32. Old Crib Sewing Rack – Has your kid outgrown his crib? Turn it into hanging storage.

33. TV Tray Ironing Board – If you don’t need a full-sized ironing board, reclaim a little floor space by converting an old TV table instead.

34. Shoebox Ribbon or Yarn Storage – Avoid tangles with an upcycled ribbon or yarn dispenser.

35. Upholstered Bench – Storage doubles as seating to save space.

36. Mason Jar Twine Holder – Display that pretty baker’s twine while keeping it organized.

37. Hanging Storage Containers – This vertical storage solution is made from upcycled plastic bottles.

38. Armoire Craft Space – This is pretty specific, but if space is an issue an antique armoire makes hidden craft storage that can go in any room.

39. More Dresser Storage – Found a dresser with drawers that are in bad shape? Ditch ’em, and turn that shell into fabric storage.

40. Salt Shaker Glitter Storage – Keep your glitter under control with vintage salt and pepper shakers.

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