30 Ways to Recycle a Vinyl Record

30 Ways to Recycle a Vinyl Record

There are tons of super cute ways to recycle a vinyl record. Read on to find your next favorite project!

There are tons of super cute ways to recycle a vinyl record. Read on to find your next favorite project!

Have you ever met an unplayable record? I collect vintage records, and so I’ve met a LOT of them! Most people don’t know how to properly store records anymore (hint: NOT in your attic, NOT laying flat and stacked one on top of another…), which means that a lot of the vinyl records that I encounter are warped beyond what I’m willing to repair solely to have another Liberace or Disco Duck album.

When you can’t use an item for its intended purpose, you can either trash it or upcycle it. I prefer to upcycle things rather than just throw them away, and fortunately, there are tons of super cute ways to recycle a vinyl record. Read on to find your next favorite project!

30 Ways to Recycle a Vinyl Record

1. bookendsYou’ll need a heat gun for this project.

2. bowlEvery record bowl will look different!

3. butterflyYou could make any other 3D animal this way, but anything with wings would look especially lovely.

4. cake standThis project is similar to the fruit stand, below.

30 Ways to Recycle Vinyl Records5. circular pendantEven if you don’t own a ton of power tools, you can still cut simple shapes out of a vinyl record album. Your secret weapon? A Dremel!

6. clockMy favorite part of this tutorial is the use of guitar picks to mark the hours.

7. coasterUse just the vinyl part or the label for this tute.

8. desk lampshadeA vinyl record is too small to make a regular lampshade out of, but it’s the perfect size to make a lampshade for a desk lamp.

9. dreamcatcherI think that it would be especially cool to include only upcycled pieces in this dreamcatcher.

10. earring holderShow off ALL of your earrings!

11. flowerMake a whole bunch of these, and put them in a vase in your living room.

12. fruit standI wouldn’t necessarily store food in vinyl, but fruit that requires peeling would be fine.

13. giant picture frameThe records for this “frame” are actually attached directly to the wall, with the artwork then centered and attached separately.

14. guitar hangerThe hangers in this tute are used to hold Rock Band guitars, but they should also be able to hold the weight of a real guitar.

15. guitar pickHow cool would it be to have a guitar pick made from a recycled record?

16. handmade bookThis book would make a beautiful guest book or birthday gift.

17. mandalaHere are some methods for painting a mandala onto a vinyl record.

18. necklaceUse the same method that you use to cut out silhouettes or other graphics.

19. notebookThis vinyl record notebook is easier than the handmade book project, above.

20. painted with song lyricsThe best part of this tute is seeing what a blank slate you get simply by painting a base coat onto a vinyl record. Now you can do anything!

21. purseVinyl records make for a purse with nice and sturdy sides.

30 Ways to Recycle a Vinyl Record

22. record wallThis is THE best way to cover a wall in records for display.

23. ringBonus points if you can find a vinyl record in an unusual color!

24. side tableUpcycle the stand from an old side table and replace the top with a vinyl record album.

25. silhouetteThis tutorial includes a method for cutting detailed images out of vinyl using a wood burner.

26. snowman holiday hatHere’s a cute Christmas decoration or winter centerpiece.

How to Stencil a Vinyl Record

27. stenciled signageA stenciled vinyl record makes an awesome sign for a craft fair booth or pop-up shop.

28. tablet holderWith this, you’ll always know where your tablet is… IF you put it back where you’re supposed to.

29. wall artWho says that you have to do anything at all to that vinyl record? It’s beautiful just the way that it is!

30. wrist cuffVinyl is pretty bendy, and transforming it into a lovely bracelet for yourself is surprisingly doable.

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