23 Crafts to Make with Adult Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages Crafts and DIY School Supplies: How to Embellish a Composition Book

Coloring Pages Crafts and DIY School Supplies: How to Embellish a Composition Book

I was happily doing coloring pages long before adult coloring was a thing. You can call me retro, or call me a dork–I don’t care, because coloring is fun!

One thing, though? Once you’ve filled in that beautiful coloring page, especially if you’ve really taken your time AND used your nicest art supplies… then what?

Recycle it? Stick it to the fridge for a few weeks and then recycle it?

No way! There are actually tons of ways to re-use those filled-in coloring pages. Read on to find your next favorite project:

1. 3D Christmas ornamentBoth types of ornaments shown in this tutorial would look cute with coloring pages, but the scalloped edge 3D ornament would show off your artwork the best.

2. decoupaged trayUpcycle an old serving tray into something bright and new!

3. accordion book cover. Glue your coloring page to book board or heavy cardboard, and use it to cover the ends of this accordion book.

4. mobileThe mobile in this tute was made with three-dimensional coloring designs, but you could also DIY your own.

5. bangle braceletThis project is for those coloring pages that you’ve printed from the internet.

6. fortune cookiesMy younger kid made these as valentines one year, and they turned out really cute.

7. coastersThe tute calls for photocopying your coloring page to make these coasters, but you can use the originals, instead.

8. cell phone caseUse a coloring page instead of scrapbook paper.

9. corner bookmarkShow off your work on the most intricate coloring pages with this corner bookmark.

10. decoupaged tableThe author of this tute enlarges some blank coloring pages to cover his table, but I think that you could use them as-is.

11. DIY postcard. Mount your coloring page onto cardboard, trim down to standard postcard size, and mail it!

Crafts with Coloring Pages: upcycled collage greeting cards from The Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking12. greeting card. I used book pages for the cards in this post, but coloring pages would substitute seamlessly.

13. embellished plateI agree that this would look best with mandala pages or other circular designs.

14. envelopeEither put the decorated side inside, or write your mailing information on a plain sticker on the front.

15. framedThere’s nothing that says that you can’t just frame that adorable coloring page!

16. gift bagThis is the perfect little bag to keep your smallest gifts from getting lost.

17. gift bowIt’s a beautiful way to upcycle!

18. composition book coverUse a personalized coloring page to add a personalized touch to the front of a plain composition book.

19. jar organizerColoring pages embellish a plain glass jar into a themed desk organizer!

20. magnetsThe tutorial calls for tiny blank canvases, but you could also use sturdy cardboard.

21. marble magnetsUse small designs or cute little details from larger coloring pages to make these magnets.

22. paper chainWhy use boring old construction paper when you can use your fancy coloring pages?

23. wall artYou know your coloring pages is a masterpiece–put it on the wall for everyone to admire!

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