20 Eco-Friendly Friendship Bracelets

friendship bracelets

Make the friendship bracelets, but skip the petroleum by-products!

I LOVE that friendship bracelets are super on-trend right now, but I hate seeing them made with crappy materials like stretch elastic bands or plastic beads. I know those plastic alphabet beads are fun, and stretch elastic is SO convenient, but true friendship doesn’t mean adding petroleum by-products to the collective waste stream!

Instead, check out my favorite eco-friendly friendship bracelet tutorials, below. All of these tutorials are free offerings by indie artists and crafters. Using green materials like cotton embroidery floss, natural embellishments like wood or shells, and glass or porcelain beads, these tutorials result in friendship bracelets that Taylor Swift AND the planet would love!

Friendship Bracelets Made with Looms, Wheels, and Other Tools

These bracelets utilize a homemade wheel, jig, loom, or a tool like a crochet hook. This means that they can be very kid-friendly, but also offer the potential to make some very sophisticated designs.

friendship bracelet

friendship bracelet on a wheel. This is one of the most fun, most accessible ways to make a surprising variety of friendship bracelets. Younger kids will find it easy to make simple designs, and more advanced crafters can follow Kumihimo Disc tutorials to make all kinds of sophisticated creations.

board loom bracelet. This setup is a clever way to keep your tied bracelet project organized. The tutorial uses styrofoam board, but corrugated cardboard would work just as well while being a LOT more eco-friendly.

crochet cord bracelet via All About Ami

crochet cord bracelet. You knew I had to include something crocheted!

straw-woven bracelet via Handmade Charlotte

straw-woven bracelet. I have mixed feelings about this project. On the one hand, I would never purposely collect a plastic straw just to craft with. But on the other hand, aren’t you sometimes offered a plastic straw that you didn’t anticipate? Next time that happens, at least you’ve got yourself a friendship bracelet loom from it!

Friendship Bracelets Made from Scratch

These friendship bracelets don’t use looms, wheels, or other tools. It’s just you and the knots!

heart friendship bracelet via Honestly WTF
heart friendship bracelet via Honestly WTF

heart friendship bracelet. This technique upgrades the typical chevron method to instead make something sweetheart-approved.

VERY complicated chevron bracelet. If you like playing around with the chevron braid as in the heart bracelet, above, try this one. But monitor your blood pressure, because it’s pretty complicated!

square knot bracelet via Curly Made

square knot bracelet. This is a sneakily terrific way to teach a young crafter how to tie a square knot, mwa-ha-ha! The tutorial calls for nylon cord, but .5mm braided cotton cord is a much more eco-friendly material.

candy stripe bracelet. Here’s another bracelet that utilizes just a single knot, so it’s easy to learn.

braided friendship bracelet via Backyard Summer Camp

braided friendship bracelet. Here’s another good beginner-level bracelet project. Use this to teach someone how to braid, and then let them move onto more complicated bracelets.

fishtail braid bracelet. Once you learn the regular braid, you need to learn the fishtail braid!

zigzag bracelet via Moms and Crafters

zigzag bracelet. This bracelet has a super fun look, but it’s a lot less complicated than you’d think!

alphabet bracelet. Have you ever wondered how people weave letters into their friendship bracelets? THIS is how!

ladder bracelet via Design Dazzle

ladder bracelet. This is a fun bracelet that has a loom-made look, but actually, it’s tied!

twisted friendship bracelet. This twisted bracelet is the easiest friendship bracelet EVER. You can even make it from cotton yarn!

single spiral bracelet via One Little Project

single spiral bracelet. Here’s a great intro to macrame–in friendship bracelet form!

braided beaded bracelet. If you’ve been wanting to incorporate beads into your friendship bracelet, here’s how!

double spiral bracelet via Macramotiv

double spiral bracelet. Keep wowing the regular friendship bracelet audience by sneaking in these macrame techniques! The tutorial calls for waxed polyester cord, but waxed cotton cord is a more eco-friendly choice.

Pride bracelets via Two of Wands

Pride bracelets. Here are three different friendship bracelet patterns that all look great in rainbow colors!

beaded adjustable slide-knot bracelet via The Craftaholic Witch

beaded adjustable slide-knot bracelet. Here’s a chance to work all of your favorite glass or wooden beads into a friendship bracelet. The adjustable slide knot means that you don’t have to worry about sizing!

daisy chain bracelet via Lisa of Braceletbook

daisy chain bracelet. This is one of the most unique bracelets in my list. I love how it gives the look of chain link, and I’m imagining all kinds of ways that look could come in handy for non-friendship bracelet projects. Maybe a zipper pull? Or the shoulder strap for a small purse?

Do you have a favorite eco-friendly friendship bracelet project? Let us know about it in the Comments!

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