15 Awesome Junk Mail Crafts

15 Awesome Junk Mail Crafts

Are you sick of the junk mail stuffed into your postbox? If you can’t get the flow of junk to stop, try out some of these junk mail crafts!

In the U.S. alone, we sacrifice over 100 million trees every single year for crappy junk mail. Any catalog you didn’t sign up for, credit card offer you didn’t ask to receive, every book of coupons you’ll never use qualifies as junk mail. If it’s in your mailbox and the sender isn’t someone you know or do business with, it’s junk. There are services that are supposed to stop you from getting so much junk mail, and I’ve had success in reducing the amount of garbage in my mailbox, but it feels impossible to stop junk mail completely.

Junk mail makes me mad, and I’ve decided that rather than get mad, I’ll get crafty. These junk mail crafts are just a sampling of the ways that you can reuse unwanted mail, so add that free paper to your crafty stash, and let’s divert some waste from the landfill!

15 Awesome Junk Mail Crafts

1. Paper Beads


3. Homemade Washi Tape

4. Gift Tags

junk mail notebook5. Miniature Notepad

6. Business Card Envelopes

7. Upcycled Stationery

8. Paper Crane Decoration

9. Pretty Garland

business cards made from fabric scraps and recycled paper

10. Business Cards

11. Wall Art

12. Starburst Wreath

13. Party Hats

14. Gift Bows

15. Woven Coasters

Image Credits: Junk Mail photo via Shutterstock, all other images Crafting a Green World

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