How-to: DIY Washi Tape from Reclaimed Paper

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diy washi tape

Isn’t washi tape just beautiful? Japanese paper tape comes in all sorts of colors and patterns, but unfortunately it’s pretty expensive and it’s not the most eco-frienly craft supply, either. Don’t fret, though, green crafty peeps! With a little patience and just a few materials you can create your very own washi tape!


  • Double sided tape
  • Junk mail, used wrapping paper scraps, or other paper rescued from your stash – I used tissue paper from a couple of gifts that I got at Christmas and for my birthday
  • Iron and ironing board, optional
  • Natural wax paper
  • Scissors
  • Paper clips


1. Spread your paper out on a flat surface. If your paper is a little wrinkly from storage, you can iron it on the lowest heat. If your paper is thin (like tissue paper) you can also opt to leave it wrinkly for a little texture. Thicker paper won’t work as well if you don’t make sure it’s flat.

2. Lay your tape out on your paper. Work slowly and make sure the tape doesn’t bubble or wrinkle.

3. Lay the wax paper over the tape. Smooth it down really well.

DIY washi tape

4. Grab your scissors. You should be able to sort of see the tape through the wax paper. Trim off the excess paper and wax paper with your scissors.

5. To store your washi tape neatly, roll it up around your finger and secure it with a paper clip.

Voila! What are you going to make with your homemade washi tape?

8 thoughts on “How-to: DIY Washi Tape from Reclaimed Paper”

  1. Oh, what a clever idea! I have never bought the washi tape because I think it is way too expensive so now I have learnt how to make my own!!!! Love this site and find sooooo many green ideas! Thank you so much for sharing with the rest of us,

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    1. you could leave the original tape backing on which makes it a very simple but effective project πŸ™‚

      1. You definitely could if you buy double sided tape that comes with a backing. The type I used did not. Sorry if that makes the project ineffective somehow? Happy crafting!

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