13 Eco-Friendly Groundhog Day Crafts

Groundhog Image via Gilles Gonthier

Groundhog Image via Gilles Gonthier

I know that Groundhog Day isn’t the hippest of holidays, but hey–any holiday is an excuse for making something adorable.

So if you need an excuse to make something adorable this week, don’t forget February 2! Check out the list below and find just the project that you need to make your Groundhog Day adorable:

1. cupcakesHow cute are these?!?

2. egg carton groundhogNo matter the occasion, you know there’s always going to be a craft for it that uses toilet paper tubes and a craft that uses egg cartons.

3. felt groundhog play setUse your favorite eco-friendly felt for this project.

4. finger puppetHere’s a quick and easy craft to sew up, and it’s one that your kids will want to play with long after Groundhog Day is over. Use either wool felt or Eco-fi felt made from recycled plastic.

5. Groundhog Day packed lunchSince Groundhog Day is on a school day this year, you can get creative with your packed lunch!

6. groundhog directed drawingHere’s how to draw your own cartoon groundhog!

7. groundhog molasses cookiesIf you don’t have a groundhog cookie cutter (because why would you have a groundhog cookie cutter?!?), then a teddy bear-shaped cookie cutter will work just as well.

8. groundhog pancakesThese groundhog pancakes are so easy–just use your favorite pancake recipe!–that you can surprise everyone for breakfast (or brinner) with no extra work.

9. hot dog groundhogsYou can use your favorite veggie or meat hot dogs for this recipe.

10. sandwich groundhogMake an easy lunch that’s still special with this groundhog-themed sandwich. If you don’t want to use the small amount of chocolate or the marshmallows, you can substitute cut cheese or veggies.

11. shadow puppetsUpcycle all of your old cardboard to make these cute puppets.

12. shadow tracingIf the groundhog does see her shadow, then spend some time out in that sunshine showing kids how to turn shadows into lovely pieces of art.

13. toilet paper tube groundhogThis groundhog can also pop up and down out of the toilet paper tube hole in the ground. Don’t let her see her shadow!

Image credit: groundhog image via Gilles Gonthler via CC2.0

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Written by Julie Finn

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