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Published on April 13th, 2015 | by Julie Finn


13 DIY Playhouses to Make this Summer

13 DIY Playhouses that You Can Build

I like to rubberneck gorgeous, epic backyard creations as much as (and maybe more than!) the next person, but ultimately, there’s something a little sad, to me, about looking at photos of things that I will never in this lifetime have the ability or spend the money to make.

I’d much rather rubberneck things that are cool but also POSSIBLE, you know?

That’s why the playhouses that I’m going to show you are not epic, exactly. They’re not outrageous. What they are, however, is affordable. They’re do-able.

And, if you ask me, they’re just as awesome as that million-dollar stuff, in that THESE playhouses could actually come and live in your yard this summer!

1. Ana White’s playhouseIf you haven’t met Ana White, then you’re in for a treat. If you follow her instructions to the letter, you may have to do some spending for the supplies and tools, but the benefit is that the tutorial is a walk-through, with everything spelled out for a beginner. You can do it!

2. fortThis tute also includes helpful information about setting your playhouse above the ground on concrete deck blocks.

3. fort #2. This is a smaller version that’s the perfect place for littler ones.

4. Little Tykes. Maybe all you’ve got room for in your yard is a garage sale Little Tykes playhouse. That Little Tykes playhouse can still look great!

5. pallet playhouseUsed pallets are a cheap way to get the lumber that you need for a great playhouse. Just look for the HT stamp that tells you that your pallet was heat-treated. If you’re feeling super ambitious, here’s a more elaborate version.

6. platformThis is the one that I really want to make for my own yard! I’ll show you pictures if/when I get it done.

7. platform #2Okay, I might actually want to make this one. Perhaps I’ll combine the two designs.

8. plywood playhousesThere are a slew of playhouse plans here, all designed for the specific dimensions of plywood.

9. PVC and fabricPVC isn’t an eco-friendly supply, but given how minimalist this playhouse is, it’s actually a more eco-friendly choice than any of these other, much larger structures. In addition, this playhouse is light, portable, and able to be stored, so it’s a win for those who live in rentals.

10. shedEven though you don’t have a playhouse, do you have a shed? Yes? Then you have a playhouse!

11. swing set fortThis playhouse utilizes a neglected swing set as its base.

12. teepeeA teepee has a smaller environmental footprint than the typical playhouse, but still provides a magic world apart for a lucky kid.

13. under-the-table playhouse. You can also have a playhouse indoors! This one utilizes that always-fun under-the-table space.

playhouse image via Shutterstock

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  1. Cherry Diaz says:

    whats the cost

  2. Rosa Marrio says:

    Nice ideas. A playhouse is those where kids made their childhood memories. Everyone remember their childhood memories with fondness. Thanks, this Diy pallet playhouse ideas. I like it. It takes back me in my childhood.

  3. Sara says:

    So pretty idea! To builds a memorable childhood for my kids, I want to make a diy pallets playhouse for my kids. Thanks for sharing some really awesome idea.

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