10 DIY Beauty Recipes using Household Ingredients

10 DIY Beauty Recipes

Who says you need to buy expensive beauty products at the big box store? From deodorant and perfume to facial masks and scrubs, you can whip up these DIY beauty recipes using materials that you probably already have at home.

Packaging Your DIY Beauty Recipes

If course, you’ll also want to store your DIY beauty products using the greenest packaging you can! Reclaimed glass jars are one of my favorites for storing homemade beauty supplies. Half-pint Mason jars or small baby food jars work well. Need to get those labels off and remove residual smell from reclaimed jars? We have you covered! Check out how to prep those reclaimed glass jars for crafting here. We’ve got some more suggestions on how to package DIY beauty supplies with less impact right over here.

Now that the packaging’s sorted, let’s get making!

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