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How to Upcycle a Coffee Sack into a Burlap Box

Four Upcycled Home Decor Projects

Yesterday, we made a table runner from scrap fabric, but what are some other ways to use what you have to add a little DIY flair to your home?

How to Upcycle a Coffee Sack into a Burlap Box

How to Upcycle a Coffee Sack into a Fabric Box

Coffee sack burlap is a great sustainable material. It’s natural, biodegradable, and strong. Here is an easy tutorial on how to make a great shabby chic fabric box from an upcycled coffee sack.

Recycled Fashion: 5 DIY Accessories

Store bought accessories are no fun! Mass produced pieces are bad for the planet and lack the personality of something you made yourself. Instead of hitting the big box store for your accessory needs, why not hit your crafty stash for some recycled fashion fun instead? Here are some ways to accessorize and show off your crafty skills at the same time.

Fab Fabrics: A 2010 Retrospective

Can you believe it’s 2011 already? Just last week, January seemed so far away. One of the things I love about the first of the year is that you get a chance to look back on a year’s worth of work and accomplishments. So, why not take a peek at the fabulous fabrics we rounded up in 2010?

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