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These are the upcycled kid art supply storage ideas I'm looking at for my own kid's messy art stash.

10 Recycled Kid Art Supply Storage Ideas

Are your kid’s crayons and paint brushes getting out of control? These are the upcycled kid art storage ideas I’m looking at for my own kid’s messy art stash.

How to Reupholster a Footstool in 7 Steps

How to Reupholster a Footstool in 7 Steps

Have a footstool, bench, or chair that needs a fresh, new look? Here’s how to reupholster a footstool or any removable cushion that could use a fabric upgrade.

4th of July Craft for Kids

16 Quick and Easy 4th of July Crafts

Independence Day is this weekend! If you need some last-minute decorations or activities, we’ve got 16 easy 4th of July crafts for you and the kids.

15 Outdoor Wedding Ideas you Can Make Yourself

15 Outdoor Wedding Ideas you Can Make Yourself

A handful of my friends had outdoor weddings, and I love the way that they incorporated the natural scenery into their wedding decor. These are some of the outdoor wedding ideas inspired by my own friends’ beautiful wedding ceremonies.

How To: Make a No Sew Sunglasses Case

I’ve admired Becky’s Burlap Sunglasses Case for quite some time now, but I have no sewing skills at all. My solution? Create a no sew sunglasses case with my handy-dandy hot glue gun!

Top 37 Crafty Posts of 2012!

Happy almost new year, you guys! It’s been an awesome crafty year, and we are all so glad that you guys could share it with us! We love reading your emails and comments, and we can’t wait to make 2013 just as fantastical.

How-to: Make a Repurposed Table Runner

Of course, I could have hit up the big box store for a table runner, but where’s the fun in that? Plus, those store-bought situations tend to involve either conventional cotton or some type of polyester, and they’re made in far-off factories. Who knows what the labor practices are there, right? Instead, I hit my stash and whipped up this reclaimed table runner that’s exactly the right size for my new sideboard. Here’s how you can make a table runner of your own!

How To: Pop Top Peace Sign

My mom is an elementary school teacher and has developed an obsession with cool peace signs for her classroom. When discussing a how to project this week, she asked me to make her a peace sign out of recycled materials. You guys know I’m all about fun wall art like the Laundry Cup Wall Art, Newspaper Art, and Burlap Chevron Paintings– so I was totally pumped to take on this challenge! After searching around the house, I grabbed a cardboard box they had left over from moving and a bag of pop-tops that my grandma had collected. Here’s how to make your very own pop top peace sign!

5 Ways to Upcycle Cookie Tins

I always love getting cookies or homemade candy in a cute Christmas cookie tin! After all the goodies are gone, though, what should you do with the cookie tin? Save your cookie tins and give them a new purpose this season! Here are 5 awesome tutorials that will show you how to revamp your cookie tins.

5 Christmas Tree Projects From Recycled Materials

As you could tell from my How To: Make a Mini Christmas Tree post, I love making little Christmas trees to decorate around the house. The bad thing about other DIY mini Christmas tree projects is that they aren’t necessarily eco-friendly! However, I found five incredible eco-friendly projects that would be perfect around the house, on the Christmas dinner table, or even to give as a gift at a holiday party! Take a peek at these awesome tutorials and be inspired!

Buy Handmade: Journals from Recycled Materials

At the most random moments you can find me writing in a journal. I carry one with me wherever I go (most of the time it stays tucked in my purse). Why? Well, I never know when I’m going to be inspired. As a writer, and as a crafter, ideas pop in my head constantly. There are too many times where I’ve thought, “Oh, I need to remember that idea!” but then I quickly forget it. The solution– an awesome journal!

Creative Reuse Center: A Recycled Art Supply Resource

One of the recycled crafty resources that came up a lot during this year’s and last year’s Summit of Awesome was the Creative Reuse Center. But what’s a Creative Reuse Center, and how can you find one near you?

Halloween bunting

Five Upcycled Autumn Buntings and Garlands

If you’d like to make decorations that you can leave up from now through Thanksgiving, check out these five tutorials for fall garlands and autumn buntings that make use of upcycled materials.

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