You Can Fix This: How to Repair Some Commonly Broken Things

How to Repair Your Stuff

You Can Fix This: How to Repair Some Commonly BrokenThings

You should have the right to repair your stuff, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Sometimes, looking at some random broken something-or-other, trying to figure out where to even start with how to repair it, it’s tempting to think that whatever broken object that lies before you is probably actually even on sale at Target…

But no! Don’t go there! (Like, ever. Target makes my feet hurt, and whenever I go there I lose my mind and want to buy ALL THE THINGS.)

Keep your money, keep that gas in your car, and keep that broken something-or-other out of the waste stream, because someone, somewhere along the interwebs has probably already figured out how to repair it, and they’re happy to tell you how.

How to repair…

To get you started, here are some tutes to show you how to repair some commonly broken things.

Repair a Tear and Leak-Proof a Bean Bag

1. bean bagBecause you can’t have all the corn kernels spilling out of your corn hole bean bag, can you?

How to Fix a Broken Coffee Cup Handle (Dishwasher Safe!)

2. coffee mug. You can repair that broken handle, and it’ll even be dishwasher safe!

Aluminum Deck Chair Revamp

3. deck chairSometimes (okay, often) the repair looks better than the original job!

burlap repaired mannequin

4. dressmaker’s dummy. Someone bust your mannequin? Fix her right up with this tute.

jeans patched with embroidery thread photo via Shutterstock (1 of 1)

5. hole in your clothing. There are right ways and wrong ways to patch your clothes. Here are the right ways.

how to sew a button

6. missing button. A needle, matching thread, and extra button are all you need. Even if you can’t sew, you can sew on a button.

puzzle pieces

7. missing puzzle piece. One missing puzzle piece can ruin an entire puzzle… unless you get creative and replace it.

needle and thread

8. rip in your clothes. These are the best methods for mending torn clothing.

repair a roller shade with fabric (5 of 6)

9. roller shade. There is little that looks trashier than a ripped roller shade. Fortunately, this roller shade repair will make it look gorgeous.

scratched furniture
photo by William Wright

10. scratched furnitureThis Old House tells you how to fix it!

repair a separated pocket

11. separated pocketPockets are often surprisingly easy to just pop back on.

how to mend a torn tablecloth

12. table cloth. Mend the tear in your table cloth.

repair umbrella how-to (1 of 7)

13. umbrella. It’s quick and easy to repair your umbrella’s webbing. The repair doesn’t last forever, but it will last you for a few more rainy outings.

repair a bra

14. underwire bra. I do NOT have small breasts. I know everything there is to know about repairing the straps, hooks, and underwires in my bra.

how to repair a hem

15. unraveled hem. Mend that droopy hem!

Is there a particular tute that you’ve found useful for teaching you how to repair something? Link to it in the comments below!

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