Yearn Worthy Yarn: T-shirts

So you’ve got your Generation-T book and you know how to transform your old tees without using fusibles, but have you made or used t-shirt yarn?

Check out these three Etsy sellers that have some amazing t-shirt yarns. All are cut in one continuous line from old tees and transformed into yarn.

T-shirt yarn can be a bit stretchy and it can shed due to the material is was cut from, so be aware. T-shirts also don’t produce much yardage, but it is a fun yarn and an interesting way to reuse an unwanted t-shirt.

Bella Flower and Implexus offer a small selection of hearty t-shirt yarn. I especially like the soft pink yarn from Implexus.

North Street Crochet is offering a great deal to help get more yardage for a project. This Earth Tones package comes with over 200 yards of t-shirt yarn in a nice mix of deep earthy colors.

[Image of Earth Tones, by North Street Crochet]

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  4. MikesRecycledTShirtYarn


    My apologies to anyone that visited North Street Crochet to see my Recycled T Shirt Yarn. I moved my yarns from North Street Crochet to a new shop beginning in January 2011. The new shop is dedicated solely to my Recycled T Shirt Yarns and other items made from T Shirts.

    The new shop is called Mikes T Shirt Yarn (MikesTShirtYarn) and is located one Etsy here:

    Please stop by and have a look around.

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