Generation T Project #69 in Organic Cotton

Generation T project #69The other day my very crafty neighbor came in my back yard and handed me a magical book called Generation T 108 Ways To Transform a T-Shirt, to which I immediately became all drooly over and enthralled. This book has been out since 2006 and was written by a kick ass lady in Brooklyn who would host Tee Parties! Everyone got to bring over their old useless t-shirts and learn to transform them into fabulous designer (and not so designer) outfits & accessories.

Since I am learning to sew (better) right now and actually don’t own t-shirts I want to cut up I decided to delve into the saucy project #69 “Cinch City” with some organic cotton scrap fabric. I bought my organic cotton for $2 downtown Asheville NC where the Spiritex warehouse sells off the leftovers from their locally woven organic fabric production. (Major score!) The “Cinch City” skirt truly was easy, although they say to only cut one rectangle to make the tube skirt, I actually had to go back in and make more of an angle to fit my waist. To make this skirt all you need is a swatch of organic or upcycled fabric big enough to wrap around your waist & hip, a ribbon, and the most basic sewing skills. It really inspired me to use more drawstring and cinching in my sewing for decorative effect! You can get super creative with this simple design too by making a longer more sultry skirt, instead of the Vegas style mini- or even adding a drawstring cinch at the waistline too so that you can fluctuate in weight and still sport your skirt, well, forever.

Many of the projects in the book are also no sew, and so basic you will want to giggle. What’s even cooler is Generation T Project #69in the second half of the book they show you how to take all your tiny scraps and make hair pieces, fabric flowers, earrings, and shag-a-delic rugs so that nothing goes to waste. If that isn’t amazing enough, the finale project is an entire upcycled wedding dress made entirely from 6 white t-shirts!

I give this book a green crafty star for being so environmentally friendly and resourceful, and for inspiring it’s reader (like me) to think of even more ways to use up the things we think are crafting garbage. If you now feel like you have to have this book (and I agree that you do), keep with your eco-minded style and buy it used or see if your local library carries a copy.

Have you made any creations using t-shirts or fabric scraps? Tell us about it and send pics of them at! We love to see what you’re crafting green <3 !

Written by Leslie Richard

I live and breathe everything eco , from organic gardening, organic food, to green crafting, minimalist decorating and nature made art. On an average day you can find me planting seeds, loving on my kitty, working on my eco fashion store The Oko Box (, and blogging about something green. I love promoting eco lifestyles and participating in changing the future, for a greener earth. xoxo


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  1. Hey Janet!

    I love those aprons, so super cute 🙂 … I am partial to the pocket on the third style. Thrift stores always have tablecloths and curtains just waiting for a second life!

  2. Thanks for the post. It makes me want to get a tshirt and start a project of my own and i don’t even know how to sew!

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