Yearn Worthy Yarn: Savannah

I’m always a bit reluctant to highlight a yarn blend here on Year Worthy Yarn. Not because blends are necessarily bad but because it is often difficult to figure out which fibers are environmentally friendly. Especially when a yarn contains five or more fibers.

But The Fibre Company’s Savannah yarn caught my eye. This blend contains merino, organic cotton, linen and soya and comes in both DK and Bulky.

Savannah is hand dyed and The Fibre Company is committed to using low-impact dyes and environmentally friendly processes and fibers where ever possible. Savannah also comes in a wide array of colors perfect for many projects.

While the company is committed to using environmentally friendly practices, fibers and dyes it still doesn’t answer how environmentally friendly these particular fibers are.

Savannah is 50% merino, 20% organic cotton, 15% linen and 15% soya. Out of this blend of fiber only the cotton is explicitly labeled organic. Linen is a good pick as an environmentally friendly fiber and so is soya. As for the merino, it depends on the farm and your feeling towards the use of animal fiber.

So what say you? Is this blend a good environmentally friendly yarn choice? Or are the fiber contents not up to the green sniff test?

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