Yearn Worthy Yarn: Sirdar Just Soya (U.K.)

Here’s another entry into the eco-friendly yarn field, again from Sirdar. I’ve already covered Sirdar’s Eco Wool, but this yarn is plant based. Just Soya is a lovely little yarn made from 100% soybean fibers.

Generally softer than cotton, Just Soya is another great summer yarn. It is silky, smooth and comes in DK weight. Perhaps a summer shawl or tank would be perfect to whip up in this yarn.

Soy is another one of those plants that grows fast and requires less water for its production. It is also great in that like hemp, it puts nutrients back into the soil.

Just Soya comes in seven subdued yet wonderful colors. I am especially partial to Jamberry and Soya Blue. Which do you prefer?

3 thoughts on “Yearn Worthy Yarn: Sirdar Just Soya (U.K.)”

  1. It’s good to see some UK yarns featured here!
    This soya yarn looks as if it has a pretty sheen to it.
    I wonder what it feels like on the fingers?
    I tried knitting with cotton several years ago and found that it made my fingers a bit sore.

  2. Love that fact that soya needs less water and the fact that it puts nutrients back into the soil. It’s not only good for humans but better for the planet too, and it looks and sounds lovely, as well. Will definitely try some to make braids and fringes for our new range of organic hemp cushions coming out in the autumn.

  3. Jennifer Huang

    I like the soy fabrics too… But if you watch the documentary, Food Inc, it talks about how almost all the soy in the US is genetically modified seed patented by Monsanto (it’s pesticide resistant so that they can spray roundup, a poison that kills every other plant in the field). Almost all farmers have been pressured by profit/survival factors to switch to this seed, and for those who haven’t, Monsanto will sue if their fields get cross-pollinated by their gmo neighbors. I’m sorry to say it, but soy is only an eco-choice if it’s non gmo and organic. I do like your site!

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