Yearn Worthy Yarn: Pakucho

Chocolate cotton yarn The power of nature still gets to me. So many wonderful things take place because of the sun and all of its cycles, which help power the growth of life on our tiny planet.

As previously mentioned here on Yearn Worthy Yarns, Fox Fiber offers naturally colored organic cotton yarns. Well there is also another option for naturally colored cotton yarn and that is Pakucho.

Using techniques and know how passed down from generation to generation, in Peru, Pakucho grows six different and natural colored cotton. No chemicals, dyes or other synthetic processes are used in the growth, production or spinning of these fibers.

Pakucho offers wonderful natural colors in cream, beige, brown, rust, chocolate, mauve, green and other earthy tones. The company is also dedicated to its heritage and very proud of the textile tradition that it helps bring into the twenty-first century.

I will continue to be in awe of the diverse color that nature provides for our knitting pleasure.

[Image from Pakucho website]

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  1. Hi Feriba, Thanks so much for such helpful viodes. I’m a beginnr knitter and I absolutely love trying out your stitches. I just completed a lovely scarf in the Fish Thorn pattern but I’m just wondering how I end this scarf off/cast off? Is it a regular cast off or do I end with the stitches I started my first row with? Thanks so much!

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