Yearn Worthy Yarn: Hemp Bark

I am a very textural person. I love it. The more bumps, knobs, twists and turns in fiber, fabric and paintings, the more interested I am in the piece.

In my knitting, I go back and forth between simple, smooth knits that I’ll work into intricate cables and patterns, then back to bumpy knits that get worked into simple, smooth stockinette stitch. That’s why I love this great raw yarn from Hubu.

We’ve talked about the awesome properties of hemp in both yarn and fabric form before but never as a raw material that can be knit with. The hemp bark yarn is just that, the bark of the hemp plant.

Definitely not for a warm hat or cozy sweater, this yarn is for weaving, and structural purposes only. I mean, I guess you could make a hat or sweater out of it, but don’t expect it to be comfortable. How about trying your hand at freestyle knitting? Go crazy and pattern free, see what you come up with. This yarn has texture in spades.

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