Yearn Worthy Yarn: Ecoyarns (AU)

Here’s a great online store from down under that specializes in organic and eco friendly yarns, fibres and fabrics. Ecoyarns has a solid selection of both animal and plant fibers, perfect for any knitter.

They offer a wide selection of yarns, ranging from organic wool, EcoOrganic Cotton, to a yarn called Black Diamond Fiber.

Many of the yarns they carry have been profiled here on Yearn Worthy Yarn including linen, O-wool and Pakucho.

Ecoyarns gives a great explanation on each and every fiber source that they offer. These outline the methods for growth and production that goes into the fiber and offer generous information about the benefits of organic and fair trade. But the company goes above and beyond sourcing eco-friendly fibers and fair trade organizations, they are also committed to being environmentally friendly in several other ways:

Our yarn company is based on ecologically sound practices. We recycle whenever possible. Please do not be offended if your parcel packaging has had a previous owner, as we aim to minimise our impact on the environment. Brochures, cards and general printing are done on 100% recycled paper and use vegetable-based inks wherever possible. We try to use biodegradable packaging whenever possible and will be using Organic Cotton shopping bags for our larger kits. We contribute regularly to Greenpeace and to Medicins Sans Frontieres

It is always great to find a company that looks at all aspects of their business and greens up wherever they can.

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