What to do with a Wooden Pallet: 6 Crafty Projects

6 Wood Pallet Craft Projects

  1. rolling coffee table:Β I love how sturdy this double-decker rolling coffee table (tutorial from Joy Ever After) looks. It’s perfect for outdoor use, since the slats in the wooden shipping pallet will allow crumbs to fall right through to the ground, and its large size gives plenty of room for coffee drinkers on one side and chess players on another. This indoor wooden pallet coffee table (see the image above) from Sew Homegrown is even easier to make–it’s just two wooden shipping pallets stacked on top of each other!
  2. twine-sewn stars from Home Frosting
    twine-sewn stars from Home Frosting

    twine-sewn stars:Β When Lesa from Home Frosting couldn’t cut a star of the size that she wanted from the leftover wood of an upcycled wooden shipping pallet, she cut the stars out as pieces, drilled holes in the pieces, and sewed them together with twine. You could make such an excellent lacing toy for a child using this method, with an assortment of shapes and holes all around the perimeter of each shape.

  3. garden fence:Β For a quick little fence to hide the compost bin or air conditioning unit, check out this reclaimed pallet garden fence from Camelot Art Creations. It’s prettied up, painted, secured to the ground, and set up just right to distract your attention from whatever ugliness might be behind it.
  4. paneling:Β Wood paneling can be expensive, but this upcycled wooden shipping pallet paneling from Grand Design is free. It’s a lot more work, of course, but the ability to stain each piece exactly the color that you want it (AND the price tag) makes it well worth the extra effort.
  5. coat hook bar:Β If you need more hooks on the wall, this rustic coat hook bar from Ana White uses a board taken from a wooden pallet as a mount.
  6. signage:Β Pallets are fun to paint on! Too Much Time on My Hands used several boards from pallets for a large sign, but a single board is just enough space for shorter messages, such as a Welcome sign for your front porch or your house numbers above the door.

What are YOUR favorite ways to use wood pallets? Share your ideas and links in the Comments below.

1 thought on “What to do with a Wooden Pallet: 6 Crafty Projects”

  1. You should make sure to include a warning for your readers about the potential risks of stockpiling wood pallets for projects or using them in common household furnishings or accessories.

    A few useful tidbits from Pallet Truth that are worth passing along:
    1. A lot of wooden pallets are treated for insects with methyl bromide and formaldehyde. Scary names, and scary effects on humans.
    2. A lot of wood pallets have sat around in pretty disgusting conditions- they are a perfect hiding place for bacteria and other nasties.

    Ultimately wood pallets account for major deforestation every year and using them again is not a bad idea (rather then sending it to the dump). BUT at least get the word out to be careful about using them. Avoid anything not stamped with HT, and even then, make sure you’re using masks, gloves, and in well ventilated area. Also keep finished stuff away from kids or infants.

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