30 Wonderful Weaving Patterns

woven blanket

Whether you have a store-bought, antique handcrafted, or DIY recycled weaving loom, it’s time to make something wonderful on it!

Don’t know where to begin? Need some new ideas? Check out my list of my favorite weaving patterns and get inspired to make yourself something wonderful.

1. Plain Weave

If you’re just learning how to weave, start here! The plain weave is the easiest, most basic weaving pattern, and it’s an especially good one for kids to start with.

2. Five-Skill Weaving Sampler

macrame hanging
Photo courtesy of A Pretty Fix

This tutorial includes five different weaving patterns to learn and applies them all to a single project. Using a single color of yarn throughout the project allows you to focus on the beautiful patterns and textures that each different pattern brings out in the yarn.

3. Braid Weave On A Basket


Have you thought about using your weaving skills and applying them to basket weaving? The concept–and sometimes even the materials!–are very similar.

4. Circular Twill


For you round loom aficionados, especially those of you who’ve made embroidery hoops into looms, here’s a beautiful circular twill weaving pattern to show off your skills.

5. Circle Weaving On A Frame Loom

You don’t have to use a circular loom to weave a circle–here’s how to do it on a frame loom.

6. Clipboard Loom Mini Weaving

clipboard loom weave
Image courtesy of Gathering Beauty

Here’s a tutorial that starts by teaching you how to DIY a loom from a clipboard, then walks you through a complete weaving project using that loom.

7. Color Ratios

This is an advanced tutorial, but it offers a mathematical way to create interesting and complementary color combinations in your weaving.

8. Gradient Throw Pillow


Want to make a complete project? Here’s a free downloadable pattern and tutorial to make a gradient throw pillow cover.

9. Honeycomb On A Flip Loom

Here’s a fun and useful pattern that looks more complicated than it is.

10. Houndstooth Pattern


The houndstooth is one of my favorite weaving patterns. I love that it’s distinctive no matter the colorway!

11. Interactive Band Weaving

These patterns are fun because you can use the free online editor to play with colorways.

12. Monk’s Cloth On A Lap Loom

The monk’s cloth weaving pattern is historically interesting–AND fun to make!

13. Off-Center Circle Weave

Once you’ve mastered using a round loom, you can start to play around with symmetry, especially by thwarting it to make your project more interesting!

14. Pile Weave

The pile weave leaves lovely, soft loops in your project. It’s fun to play around with because you’ll get a different look depending on the size of the dowel that you use.

15. Poncho


Want to make something beautiful AND practical? Here’s a free downloadable pattern and tutorial for making a poncho.

16. Rya Knots

Want to make a nice fringe at the bottom of a weaving project? This is a great method!

17. Italian Hemstitch


If you prefer a neat hem to fringe, then Italian hemstitch is a pattern that you’re going to love.

18. Plaid Weaving On The Rigid Heddle Loom

Once you know how to weave a plaid pattern, there are so many further possibilities!

19. Soumak Weave

This is a very pretty weaving pattern that relies a lot on the texture of the yarn. Try it with a chunky yarn and with a narrow yarn, and see for yourself how different it looks!

20. Tumbling Blocks With Bias Tape


It would NEVER have occurred to me to weave with bias tape, but of course, you can! This is a fun way for an avid sewer to start weaving because people who sew tend to have a lot of bias tape on hand…

21. Twill Weave

The twill weave is how you make diagonal stripes in your project. It’s a LOT simpler than it looks.

22. Chevron Weave

Master the twill weave, then advance your skills with the chevron weave!

23. Herringbone Weave

After you know both the twill weave and the chevron weave, it’s time for the herringbone weave.

24. Shawl On A Rigid Heddle


As you might have gathered from reading the other weaving pattern tutorials in this round-up, the rigid heddle loom is often the choice for large-scale weaving projects, such as this shawl!

25. Speed Weaving On A Square Pin Loom

This is a great weaving pattern for making something patchwork that you can later piece together, and for using up scraps of yarn.

26. Waffle Weave Towels On A Rigid Heddle Loom

You can make loads of useful things on a rigid heddle loom–including towels!

27. Waves

weaved waves
Image courtesy of A Pretty Fix

Waves look so pretty in a weaving. Here’s how to make them!

28. Weaving Techniques Chart

If you’re a lover of diagrams, you’ll want this vintage diagram of weaving techniques to serve as your handy reference.

29. Woven Bookmark

woven bookmark
Image courtesy of A Pretty Fix

Here’s a beginner project that also results in a complete, useful finished product. This would be a great activity for a group, club meeting, or children’s class since you can start by making your own looms together before weaving the bookmarks.

30. Woven Felt Pillow Cover

This is one of the most interesting weaving projects that I’ve ever come across! The weaving pattern is beautiful, but I’m fascinated by the way that the artist created it with felt strips and then sewed it into a pillow cover.

Do you have a favorite weaving pattern? Share it with me in the comments below!

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