13 Fun Ways to Reuse Spools of Thread

Make a DIY picture holder from a spent spool of thread!
Seamsters, don’t toss your empties in the trash! There are plenty of cute and even some practical ways to reuse spools of thread.

There are plenty of cute and even some practical ways to reuse spools of thread.

Sewing can be a great way to reduce your impact. You can make your own cloth napkinscloth pads, or alter weirdo thrift store finds into cute wardrobe pieces. But sewing comes with its own waste, including those empty spools of thread. Luckily, you don’t have to toss those spools into the recycle bin. Try one of these cute ways to reuse spools of thread instead.

1. DIY Picture Holder – A little washi tape and hot glue transform an old thread spool into a cute picture holder for your shelf.

2. Drawer Pulls – Wooden spools of thread add character to a piece of revamped furniture when you use them as drawer pulls.

3. Thread Spool Pumpkins – Bonnie made her pumpkin from a wooden spool, but you could do this with a plastic spool, too, with some orange spray paint.

4. Spool Shrooms – How adorable are these little thread spool mushrooms from Life is a Party? You can use old spools or wine corks to make these cute shrooms!

5. Pincushions – Kind of meta, right? The Haby Goddess turns old thread spools into handy miniature pin cushions.

6. Thread Spool Bracelet – Debi’s Design Diary uses a saw to make this cute bracelet. Check out her video:

7. Carrots – How adorable are these thread spool carrots from Crafts by Courtney?

8. Easter Chicks – The thread spool Easter craft goodness doesn’t end with carrots. Love and Marriage Blog made adorable thread spool Easter chicks!

9. Spring Birds – Celebrate spring with these cute spring birds mounted on thread spools from Pet Scribbles!

10. Necklaces – Smaller spools make cute pendants! My So Called Crafty Life shows you how to make these sweet thread spool necklaces.

11. Spooky Spools – I love that this thread spool project from The Crafty Sisters is part decoration and part activity.

12. Bouquet – Project Kid shows you how to use nail polish to turn an old spool of thread into the “vase” for a bouquet of miniature flowers.

13. Spool of Thread Wreath – Live Love Sew used wooden spools for her wreath, but I think you could use plastic ones, too, with some extra love. Cover them in paper, washi tape, yarn, or spray paint before making the wreath.

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  1. Isn’t there any large project to use up tons of plastic spools? I have hundreds and am frustrated with tiny projects that only use one or two at a time!

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