11 Awesome Ways to Reuse Baby Wipes Boxes

There are so many handy ways to reuse baby wipes boxes! Use them get organized or make free toys and activities for your kiddo.

There are so many cool ways to reuse baby wipes boxes!

Even if you’re making your own baby wipes, chances are you end up buying wipes at the store from time to time. Don’t toss that empty wipes container in the recycle bin! Save it, and try one of these awesome ways to reuse baby wipes boxes instead.

1. Make a toddler activity box. Keep your busy toddler entertained for minutes with this little fine motor activity.

2. Store your homemade baby wipes. The dispenser lid and watertight seal on a wipes box is just as handy for making your homemade wipes more convenient to use and carry.

3. Stash cleaning rags. Step away from the bleach-based, disposable cleaning wipes. Make your own instead, and store them in an old baby wipes box for easy access when you’ve got a mess on your hands.

4. Wrangle your plastic bags stash. Of course, the best way to reduce plastic waste is to just say no to plastic bags, but I feel like these just appear in my house, despite my best effort. Use an old baby wipes box, so they’re easy to grab next time you use one to scoop the cat box or line a bathroom garbage can.

5. Create a Boo Boo Kit. Kids hurt themselves. That’s just facts. Put a little Boo Boo Kit together in an old wipes box, so you’ll be ready the next time your little one faceplants on the playground.

6. Create a sensory board. This project uses just the lids to create a cool lift-the-flap style sensory board that’s perfect for little kids.

7. Make it cute. You won’t believe that this cute container used to hold baby wipes!

8. Turn it into a travel Lego box. Keep older kids busy on road trips with this on-the-go miniature Lego set made from an old wipes container.

9. Feed the Alphabet Monster. Turn an old wipes container and plastic bottle caps into a cute learning game.

10. Use them as free drawer organizers. This is especially handy for wrangling tiny items, like kid-sized socks, undies, and mittens.

11. Use them for craft storage. Use the power of Mod Podge to turn an ugly, empty wipes container into cute storage for all of your small crafty items.

Do you have any favorite ways to reuse baby wipes boxes? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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