11 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nature Crafts

Valentine's Day Nature Crafts

Valentine's Day Nature Crafts

Coming in the middle of winter as Valentine’s Day does, it’s a time during which you may find yourself starved for nature–I mean, you can tromp around the woods just as well in winter as in spring, but when your toes get numb, you have to go inside, you know?

Valentine’s Day is a great time, then, to indulge in some sweet nature crafts. The Valentine’s Day nature crafts in the list below make great decorations and wonderful gifts, and they all include natural materials.

1. birdseed ValentinesEven the backyard birds will thank you for this Valentine, which is a good one for a kid to make for all her friends.

2. concrete heart pendantsThis may surprise you, but concrete mix is actually pretty eco-friendly. You might want to research manufacturing conditions and worker safety, but the materials are pretty much just rock and dirt.

3. glitter rocksRock Valentines with glitter hearts are easy for even little kids to make plenty of–perfect for a class Valentine’s party!

4. natural hot pink dyeWho knew that hot pink dye was so easy to do naturally?

5. plantable seed paper ValentinesThese Valentines won’t get thrown away–they’ll get planted in the spring, and your loved one will have a season’s worth of happiness.

6. rose petal confettiGarnish a drink… or, you know, your bed.

7. salt dough heart necklacesKids will love making these wearable class Valentines for their friends.

8. twig arrowsThese little arrows would make cute party favors or Valentines.

Valentine's Day Nature Crafts9. twig centerpieceThese painted and embellished twigs make a lovely centerpiece for your special Valentine’s Day dinner.

10. vegan chocolate trufflesHere are some Valentine’s Day chocolates that your loved one will LOVE to eat!

11. whitewashed twig heart wreathThis is so pretty that I think you could leave it up all year long.

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