17 Upcycled Teacup Crafts

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Grab an old teacup from your pantry or pick some up at the thrift store. We’ve got 17 awesome teacup crafts for you!

Grab an old teacup from your pantry or pick some up at the thrift store. We've got 17 awesome teacup crafts for you!

You have enough cups to drink tea out of–take a few teacups out of your stash and make some of these teacup crafts, instead!

1. bird feederThe birds want to eat off of elegant china, too!

2. candle standThis stand requires both the teacup and saucer, but of course they don’t have to match.

3. chalkboard business card holderTeacup CraftsThis is a brilliant way to show off your business cards.

4. dessert towerYou’ll need several cups, and plates of different sizes to make this dessert tower, but the result is truly stunning.

5. floating teacupFloating teacups make lovely decorations for weddings or showers.

6. hanging wall artThis would be so cute above my sink in the kitchen!

7. jewelry holderTeacup CraftsAdd a silver spoon, and you have a pretty way to store and show off your favorite jewelry.

8. lampIf you understand wiring, then you super need to make this–it’s the prettiest thing ever!

9. Mend itDid the handle break off of your favorite teacup? Instead of upcycling it, just fix it!

10. pincushionThis is a great present to make for all the avid sewers in your life.

11. shadow box displayThe project here uses decorative teapots, but beautiful teacups would work just as well.

12. spring decorationThis little bird in nest decoration is cute to put out for Easter.

13. standing bird feederIf you’ve got a post in your stash, then this will be an especially thrifty project.

14. succulent planterSucculents are one of the few plants that will thrive in a teacup pot.

15. teacup candleHere’s how to safely make the ubiquitous teacup candle.

16. teacup candle holder.Teacup Crafts: How to Make a Teacup Candle Holder If you don’t trust your teacups to stand up to the heat of a candle (and I don’t blame you!), then this teacup candle holder is an equally lovely but far safer option.

17. winter sceneYou could also make a fairy garden, but this cute little winter decoration doesn’t require any water.

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