Reader Question: New Ideas for Old Books

Altered book made for an anniversary

10 Ways to Upcycle Old Books

1. Smash Book – Mod out an old book into a keepsake to remember special occasions or important times in your life. Think of it as an extreme upcycling version of a scrapbook!

2. Book Page Wreath – Use the pages from old books to make beautiful wreaths! You could add holiday-specific adornments to make this work for any holiday!

3. Picture Frame – Old books make beautiful picture frames! A cluster of these on a table or mantle would look just lovely.

4. Paper Pumpkins – Feeling Halloweeny? Turn an old book into a cute paper pumpkin!

5. Table Numbers – If you’re planning a wedding or other large shindig with lots of tables, you can use chalkboard paint to turn old books into beautiful table numbers.

floating book shelves

6. Shelves – My friend Jeanee at Finely Crafted shared a peek into our friend Sarah Lodato’s house, and I love, love, love her floating shelves made from vintage hardcover books!

7. Book Light – If you’re a little bit tech-savvy, you can turn an old book into a nice, ambient light.

8. Easier Book Light – This DIY book lamp from Instructables uses a requires less technical savvy. To make it as energy efficient as possible, go for LED Christmas lights.

9. Decoupage Book Lantern – This decoupaged Chinese lantern at Fuck Yeah Book Arts uses old book pages. Really, this whole site is full of awesome book crafts, and you should check it out!

10. Planter – You don’t have to stash a gadget in a cut out hardcover. Turn it into a sweet planter for succulents instead!

Have you guys made anything fun from old books? Share your favorite upcycled book crafts in the comments!

Image Credit: Smash Book photo by Julie Finn and Book Shelves photo by Jeanee Ledoux

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