Turn a Coloring Book Page into a Postcard

Make a Coloring Book Page Postcard

Make a Coloring Book Page Postcard

Drowning in cute, completed coloring book pages? Here’s a fun way to give those pages another life while spreading some joy around.

All you need to transform your coloring book pages into fun postcards are:

completed coloring book pages.Β As I’ve probably mentioned before, we photocopy all of our coloring book pages onto cardstock before we color them, but I’ve also made a postcard out of a vintage Archie comic book page, at the bottom of the pic, so that you can see how this method will work even with thin, cheap paper.

cardboard/thick card stock and adhesive.Β Adhesive-backed cardstock makes this job even quicker and easier, but almost all of it that you’ll find has a texture that means you’ll have to write your postcards using ballpoint pen. If you want to use your own cardstock or cardboard, choose a thin, even adhesive for this. I have an emergency can of spray mount (which is not eco-friendly) that I try to whip out only when it’s absolutely necessary, but you can use regular glue, if you apply it lightly then press the postcard between pieces of waxed paper with a weight on top.

The only thing that you need to do to turn your coloring book pages into postcards is apply an adhesive backing (I do this first, making sure to cover a larger dimension than I’ll want, so that I don’t have to painstakingly match two perfectly-sized pieces afterwards), then fussy cut your postcard to the correct dimensions.

There’s even a little wiggle room in postcard dimensions, so you can be sure to capture the perfect part of your graphic.

If my kids are going to be using the postcard, I’ll flip the finished postcard over and then, with a ruler and a pen, draw the line separating the address from the message, and the lines for the address. Sometimes I’ll even ink in a little square for the stamp. If I don’t do this, the kids will be sure to run over the space for the address, and it sucks.

These quick-and-easy little postcards are especially nice for sending to loved ones who will appreciate your beautiful artwork–I like to build up a stash, Β then let my kids use them for thank-you notes and quick messages to grandparents.

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